On The “Viking” Guy in the US Capitol

Mock Viking with an axe looking manly

Yesterday there was an attempted coup d’état in the United States of America. I’m personally not the slightest surprised.

The Viking Guy and Cultural Appropriation

However, in this article, I would like to focus on the “Viking” guy in the capitol [insert eyeroll]. I know I have mentioned before how annoyed I can sometimes get by the depictions of Vikings in some history books and popular culture [I am Swedish].

Of course, I agree that we should not run around shouting cultural appropriation unnecessarily, as I find that kind of behavior deplorable. A mixing between cultures is how humans have progressed throughout time, and the adoption of foreign cultural behaviors can be something wonderfully positive in my opinion e.g. the Anglo-Saxon naming of the weekdays after the Norse Gods.

We should also not completely lose our sense of humor, nor should we celebrate our own historical culture as something all good. As an example, there was a lot of really messed up stuff going on during the Viking times, one notable fact is that they owned slaves…Thus, I must underline that my main issue with this is that the popular Viking culture is Fake. Wrong. Scientifically disproven.

Popular Viking Mythology

Popular Viking mythology is depicting something that is clearly wrong and, secondly these [flawed] assumptions are used for populist political gain. This is where my annoyance turns to actual anger. It should be noted that also our older history books are extremely flawed when it comes to Viking culture. The celebration of mock Viking culture by the alt-right is nothing new and what a nonsensical mess it is.

My Heritage

However, this all has led to me no longer feeling comfortable wearing my Thor’s hammer necklace, which I ironically received at my confirmation, nor show the Midgårdsnake that I have tattooed on my foot (fashioned from a design on one of the rune stones close to where I was born). I do not want to be associated with these moronic twadwaffles.

On My Privilege & The Principle

In a way, I feel that they have taken something from me. Oh, boohoo, you might think. And, sure I agree. This might be a luxury conversation, but it is the principle of it that annoys me. A similar discussion can be held over the sun cross so frequently used in many Asian cultures, across the Americas, and also in Scandinavia, that was symbolically destroyed by the national socialist cretins.

Your thoughts?

Am I an oversensitive snowflake?

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  1. In a way it is funny how much time people spend on pondering heritage, defining what and who they are, and where they are “coming from”. It’s kind of like we are standing on the shoulders of made up illusions instead of giants.

    I suppose it has to do with the fact that the storytelling apes we humans are, are fond of stories.

    And there we have it with the protagonist and the antagonist. Them and us. Naturally it is us wearing the shining armor, or maybe latex, but the superior ecological kind, or we polish our underdog mentality by listening to Motörhead (that kind of worked out because Lemmy actually became God), or punk music. For some of us, it’s even good to be bad.

    It is rather interesting that we humans as a race feel the need to label ourselves in different ways to distinguish ourselves from “others”.

    What also is remarkable is how much about the human race has been forgotten in a rather short time. Well, these intellectual ramblings will also be lost unless some handy craftsman carves it into stone and polishes it up a liitle so that it is more appealing to the power in charge, or the masses that maybe would buy a copy of said slate.

    For me the whole viking thing is is really no biggie. I’m from Finland, and we perhaps can be seen as relics sitting in a cultural melting pot (and thus we naturally are way better than everyone else by default). We don’t have a mental image of our culture implanted, so we can’t really be offended by such trivialities (unless someone tries to take sauna, santa or salmiakki away from us).

    Up here we have had the skands (vikings and whatnots), the nomadic sami (who kind of culturally pulled an even shorter straw), the byzantic culture of the novogoriands (the east has been the enemy for so long that there is not even a mental picture of novgorian culture left, they have been irradicated into faceless brutes or assimilated by the vikings), and probably whatever else wandered up from the baltic countries, pushing back and forth for as long as Finland (or Suomi, as we say) hasn’t been covered in ice.

    Basically we are the only true non-posers as we even have a language of our own.

    Any viking tattooed with a greek ouroboros wearing a triquetra symbol around the neck venturing into the woods here would have dissappeared and a horned helmet (I know my wagner) would just roll out of the forest accompanied by a loud PERKELE!

    I think one of the hugest problems us humans have to face to is how to allow and tolerate individualism while simultanously striving forth as a united race.

    Snowflake away I say. At some point it likely turns into a storm.