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  • Get the ball rolling

  • Pat dennis dennis

    March 30, 2021 at 23:15

    Heya folks.

    Don’t know if this is the best start, but figured it might help people open up if needed if there was a “first post” or an intro point. If this is an overstep please let me know or delete as necessary.

    I was diagnosed with HLH (heamophagocyticlympohystiocytosis ) in late 2014. This is a genetic condition almost always fatal without quick intervention. In my case it was a triggered event caused by a common epilepsy medication “lamictal”.

    Im now a permanent disabilty pensioner due to the ongoing complications of the 6month hospital admission. Chronic symptoms include very aggressive immune system, ongoing debilitating pain, mild abi from a series of strokes and solid ptsd.

    Nearly 7 years on, im at the stage of trying to attempt some extension into the real world again and trying to figure out some sort of part time work or regular engagement with community at large lol

    Feel Free to ask anything regarding my condition or experiances, im pretty open about it. 3 weeks in an induced coma while being aware enough to form memories is a hell of a party trip. Especially the operations I was #awake for lol.

    Hopefully this helps people open up if they want to.

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