Conspiracy theorists

  • Conspiracy theorists

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  • Anonymous

    November 3, 2020 at 22:49

    Where vaccines, flat earth or chemtrails are concerned i have the specific information that debunks every possible specific claim you might see on social media, in case anyone comes across something they know is bullshit but don’t know exactly why

  • Doctor Anna

    November 3, 2020 at 22:55

    I know you have years of experience in the hidden groups on Facebook. It’s kind of insane what is going on there. Away from people’s sight. Hidden.
    Child abuse.
    People self-harming
    All in the name of alt-med.

    Thanks for this, Jay (the cunt)

  • Anonymous

    November 4, 2020 at 00:33

    Absolutely, it’s just that I know these morons use some very specific arguments that aren’t easily debunked or even recognised by the “general public” and can actually seem quite plausible, which in itself can be confusing, and when I say I know every single possible argument, I’m not joking ?

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