I'm a story teller, and my stories must be told

  • I'm a story teller, and my stories must be told

  • Doctor Anna

    March 1, 2021 at 22:23

    The notion that mythology was the expression of a darker time in the human past and our inheritance of this view is the legacy of “Enlightenment” philosophy, that is, mythology was the product of uneducated, illiterate, and ignorant people trying to communicate meaning (improperly) to each other is simply not the case. philosophical concepts have their roots in mythology. Correlative to this notion is that myth is fundamental to human nature and evolution, that is, mythology is an expression of nature and emerges out of nature, it emerges with the growth of human subjectivity and consciousness and impacts human consciousness and understanding. Aristotle was far from the truth on most things, but he was right when he stated, ““lover of myth is the lover of wisdom”. Myth was the first embodiment of deep human thought and sought to articulate “deep intuitive truths” which are embodied in the stories, that is, after all, what myth is traditionally – an old story passed down generation to generation. Myth, in its formal and traditional context, does not mean “that which is not true” as we often think of when we hear the word myth today. We shouldn’t forget where our roots are buried.

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